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Mabon: The Complete Novel by Kimberly B. Richardson

Mabon: The Complete Novel by Kimberly B. Richardson

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To the unseeing eye, Mabon, is your typical small arts town. To those who are Awakened like Monica and many others, it is the beginning of a new path that connects them to the Otherworld. After Monica is plagued with haunting dreams for many months, she decides to move to the small town of Mabon. Her life begins when she awakens to her true magick and sees the world (and beyond) for what it truly is. But when the sounds of war arrive through the whispers from the Otherworld, Monica and her friends must stand up for what is right, even at the cost of losing everything she holds dear.

Mabon: The Complete Novel is a full-length work by Kimberly B. Richardson. This trade paperback also includes the short story Indigo Eyes

Independently published through Amazon, 2024.

A part of this book was previously published through Dark Oak Press

WARNING - The book does contain several adult scenes!

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